Version 1.4.1 of Pobs and Pobs Premium has been released in Android Market. Change list:

  • AirPush ads removed!
  • Start-up crash fixed
  • OpenFeint-related crash fixed
  • End-of-level crash fixed
  • Minor bugs fixed


New updates coming soon!

Any reports of bugs or tech problems would be much appreciated. Our e-mail: Thanks!


A few weeks ago we have released our new action/arcade game “Recoil” for Android. Recoil is a fun physics game with extremely addictive gameplay and a great replayability factor!

A few days ago we have decided to release «Recoil Free» for download in Market. «Recoil Free» is fully functional and supported by ads, already in Market. Check it out!

We’re happy to announce that our new game “Recoil” has finally hit the Market!

Simple and ingenious” / “Un gioco semplice e geniale” – Androideminimalista

A game of hit-a-line-with-the-ball with very simple, yet addictive gameplay!

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Some good news!

May 23, 2010

Hello everyone,

We apologize for any problems that were observed a few days ago!

Sometimes the game has been crashing, seemingly without any reason. As it turned out – this happened due to problems with our advertisers – Quattro Wireless. We couldn’t influence the process, but, fortunately, Quattro guys quickly fixed the problem!

The next big news is that we’re working on to make AD-FREE version of Pobs available on Android Market. As you may know, there are many problems for devs to sell apps in Market, but soon, we hope, you can buy the game without any ads. For now you can buy Pobs at SlideME – an alternative Android app store.

And finally… we’re working on update for the game. In plans: FroYo features, more sociality and some new content 🙂 . If you have suggestions or comments – please mail us: . Or just write in comments.

Great news! Pobs has hit 10 000 downloads in Android Market! That was on 17th of March, actually. Pobs was released on 10th of February and after month and a week it has been downloaded 10k (now 12k) times. Now it has nearly entered Top-100 in Brain and Puzzle category in Android Market. Without any ad promoting and marketing, and without being featured by Google, we think this is a good result for now. But, hopefully, we’ll keep going 🙂

Pobs has 233 ratings and average is about 4,5 stars. One of the main reasons why people put 1 star rating are built-in ads.

We’ll write about the money from built-in ads later, but one thing we can tell you right now – we haven’t earned so much, but in a ~20 days with a free Android game we earned MORE than with 0.99$ one on iPhone in HALF A YEAR. This is crazy! These markets have so many differences…

Pobs v1.1 released

February 21, 2010

Version 1.1 has been released to the Market. Changes:

  • New: hardware buttons “Back” and “Menu” now working.
  • Graphics improved.
  • Ads now less annoying.
  • Bug fix: after returning to game with hardware “back” button it was always on pause.
  • Bug fix: sometimes after exiting Options to Main Menu it was loading last level.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

    If you’ll see any bugs, wrong work of some features or just have suggestions – please mail us: We’d love to hear some feedback.

    Pobs in Android Market!

    February 13, 2010

    We’re happy to announce that Android-version of Pobs has finally hit the Market! The delay caused by updating it for Android 2.0 and some publishing issues. Anyway, the game already in Android Market and it’s absolutely free, so… check it out! 🙂


    Other Links:

    Full description: here
    More screenshots: here

    P.S. We’re working on update 😉