Amazon App Store Team has finally approved Pobs Premium for Android: Amazon AppStore Link

It’s a premium version:

  • No ads!
  • Doesn’t need any permissions.

Price: $1,99

Pobs Premium coming soon to Android Market too.


Our second update for Pobs has been approved by Apple and now available in AppStore. Now game became more friendly for newbies (new difficulty options and usability) and has new different levels for Single and Multiplayer game modes.

What’s new:
+ 5 new levels for single modes
+ 5 adapted levels for multiplayer
+ Usability improved
+ Difficulty options added
– Bad multiplayer bug fixed
– Minor bugs fixed

iTunes Link: Pobs v1.2

P.S. Pobs Lite temporarily unavailable.

Pobs Lite is out!

September 26, 2009

lite_icon Finally, Pobs Lite has been released! Lite version includes:
– 2 game modes (of 6 in full)
– 3 levels in Classic game mode (of 15 in full)
– 1 level in Quick Game
– 2/3 difficulty modes

iTunes Link: Pobs Lite
Full Version: Pobs v1.1 (it is now on sale – 66% OFF!)

Pobs v1.1 has been approved!

September 23, 2009

Pobs version 1.1 has been approved by Apple and now in AppStore!

What’s new:
– Graphics improved
– Levels added to ‘2 players’ mode
– Usability improved
– AI improvements

Unfortunately, Lite-version has been rejected becouse it “contains references to game modes and difficulties that are not implemented” (translucent inactive buttons), so we were obliged to edit and re-submit it. It was on 16th of Sept, so in a few days it should appear in AppStore.

onsale Pobs is ON SALE now! The price has dropped to $0.99!

Pobs iTunes Link

Pobs Lite coming soon

September 4, 2009

pobs lite logo Pobs Lite has been submitted to Apple. Waiting approval.
In Lite version you will get:
– 2 game modes
– 3 levels in Classic game mode
– 1 level in Quick Game
– 2/3 difficulty modes

Full version here: iTunes Link

Pobs is out now!!!

August 31, 2009

Apple finally approved the game last night! You can find it in AppStore at price 2.99$.
iTunes link: Pobs

P.S. Approval process took 12 days.


August 18, 2009

Pobs is a new amazing logic game for iPhone and iPod Touch similar to Checkers or Reversi, but with unique game mechanics – the game takes place on a level made of hexagonal cells.

Each player owns pobs of a distinct color. With each move you can choose either to jump with a pob or to copy it to a free neighbour cell. Consequently, all the opponent’s pobs near your newly placed pob will become yours!
The goal of the game is to capture as many pobs as possible. The game ends when no more cells are available. Read the rest of this entry »