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Let us introduce our first game for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is called Pobs and it’s a nice logic game. Pobs was being developed simultaneously on two mobile platforms – iPhone OS and Google’s Android. iPhone version has been released in AppStore 30th of August ’09 (current version 1.2).  The game received many positive reviews and Android version became one of the top-20 in Casual / Puzzle games category in Android Developer Challenge 2. We still working on the game and sometimes adding new levels and features…


Pobs is an amazing logic/board game for iPhone and iPod Touch similar to Checkers or Reversi, but with unique game mechanics – the game takes place on a level made of hexagonal cells. Based on a mechanics of old game Hexxagon (for MS-DOS), game has a lot of great new stuff that make it more addictive than ever.

Each player owns pobs of a distinct color. With each move you can choose either to jump with a pob or to copy it to a free neighbour cell. Consequently, all the opponent’s pobs near your newly placed pob will become yours!

The goal of the game is to capture as many pobs as possible. The game ends when no more cells are available.

Game features:

– 6 game modes.

– 20 exciting levels.

– 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal & Hard.

– Multi-player capabilities all in one device!

– Easy controls: just tap on your pob and choose the cell you want to move to.

– Very addictive gameplay.

– Beautiful graphics and animation.

– Automatic save when you exit the game or receive a phone call.

– Secret unlockable game mode.


iPhone OS 2.0 or later (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)


0.99$ now (2.99$ regular price)

Buy! (iTunes Link)

Pobs Lite:

Also lite-version of the game is available in AppStore, so you can try it before buy:

Download (iTunes Link)


More screenshots here: Flickr Gallery

Gameplay video here: YouTube


“A perfect mix of an easy to play game that has the right amount of challenge and strategy” – Appversity.com

“It is a great time killer when you only have a few minutes to kill” – CrazyMikesApps.com

“Pobs definitely has a place on my list of addictive games” – iphonefootprint.com

Other iPhone reviews:

Android Developer Challenge 2

In May 2009 Google announced Android Developer Challenge 2 on Google IO ’09, and we decided to take a part in contest. It began in September and ended 30th of November.

Pobs was selected by Android users as one of the top 20 in the “Casual” category and became a finalist of contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t win a prize in final.

ADC2 Winners | ADC2 Top-20 Casual Category


If you have comments, questions or suggestions – please mail us.

Mail: TheChipsteam@gmail.com


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