Recoil in Android Market!

April 11, 2011

We’re happy to announce that our new game “Recoil” has finally hit the Market!

Simple and ingenious” / “Un gioco semplice e geniale” – Androideminimalista

A game of hit-a-line-with-the-ball with very simple, yet addictive gameplay!

There is a ball, some lines and a number of shots to hit these lines.
– Use the minimal number of shots to destroy all the lines.
– The more shots you have left at the end of a level – the more points you get.
– The more lines you hit in one move – the more points you get.
– Try not to hit the nodes (especially red ones!).

– Very simple! Very addictive!
– Great replayability factor
– New look each launch
– Global and local leaderboards
– Online Profiles / Friend Finding
– Heyzap check-in service
– For kids and adults!
– Automatic save on exit
– Game can be stored to SD card

Social services provided by Scoreloop and Heyzap.
Challenge players around the world by submitting your score to the global leaderboard, provided by Scoreloop’s social mobile gaming platform.
Heyzap allows you to check in and tell your friends about your results!

– HTC Android Developer Contest participant
– Small, normal and large screens compatibility
– Localization: English, Русский, Українська

Why does it need permissions?
All permissions are needed for online high-score features and social services, so please don’t worry about this!


Android Market – $0.99

Amazon App Store (coming soon) – $0.99


More screens on Flickr:

What about “HIT”?

We wrote about some updates in our Twitter, but we never really wrote any blog post and announcement of “HIT“. “HIT” was just a gameplay experiment, prototype. When we saw that gamers really liked it – we decided to make it less buggy, more interesting, more exciting game, and we did it!

We haven’t any plans to maintain old version of game, now we focused on “Recoil“. Many “HIT” bugs and issues are fixed in Recoil. Here’s an improvements list:

  • Small and large screens compatibility
  • 2 crashes related with menu button fixed
  • Random crash during the game fixed
  • Global and local leaderboards improved
  • New Scoreloop services and social features integrated
  • Heyzap social service integrated
  • Game and difficulty balances improved
  • New color backgrounds every launch!
  • Many small improvements
  • Minor bugs fixed

What about my HIT high scores?

All your high score results just migrated to Recoil!

We recommend to our “HIT” users to download “Recoil”, because it’s  a lot more better, and we have many great ideas for updates (new game modes, new features, nodes, bonuses, achievements)!

Android Market Link

QR code:

As always, we are open for your comments, suggestions, bug reports. Our e-mail:


One Response to “Recoil in Android Market!”

  1. Benjamin said

    Hey guys, great post. I really liked HIT and I’m really curious to see how you plan on further improving it. 🙂

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