10 000 downloads in Market!

March 21, 2010

Great news! Pobs has hit 10 000 downloads in Android Market! That was on 17th of March, actually. Pobs was released on 10th of February and after month and a week it has been downloaded 10k (now 12k) times. Now it has nearly entered Top-100 in Brain and Puzzle category in Android Market. Without any ad promoting and marketing, and without being featured by Google, we think this is a good result for now. But, hopefully, we’ll keep going 🙂

Pobs has 233 ratings and average is about 4,5 stars. One of the main reasons why people put 1 star rating are built-in ads.

We’ll write about the money from built-in ads later, but one thing we can tell you right now – we haven’t earned so much, but in a ~20 days with a free Android game we earned MORE than with 0.99$ one on iPhone in HALF A YEAR. This is crazy! These markets have so many differences…


3 Responses to “10 000 downloads in Market!”

  1. The ads have only appeared in the last couple of days but have ruined the experience of the game. Please give me the choice – I will happily pay for what was previously a classic game.

  2. John Richardsonlli said

    I love this game! The AI on “Hard” is an awesome challenge.

    But it has started crashing on my HTC Desire, running Android 2.1. And now it is doing it so frequently it is unusable.

    I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail.


  3. chipsteam said

    Steve Rogers, John Richardsonlli

    Here’s our answer to your questions:

    Sorry for crashes, now it’s ok.

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