Great news! Pobs has hit 10 000 downloads in Android Market! That was on 17th of March, actually. Pobs was released on 10th of February and after month and a week it has been downloaded 10k (now 12k) times. Now it has nearly entered Top-100 in Brain and Puzzle category in Android Market. Without any ad promoting and marketing, and without being featured by Google, we think this is a good result for now. But, hopefully, we’ll keep going 🙂

Pobs has 233 ratings and average is about 4,5 stars. One of the main reasons why people put 1 star rating are built-in ads.

We’ll write about the money from built-in ads later, but one thing we can tell you right now – we haven’t earned so much, but in a ~20 days with a free Android game we earned MORE than with 0.99$ one on iPhone in HALF A YEAR. This is crazy! These markets have so many differences…


Version 1.2.1 has been released to the Market. This is a small update to fix minor bugs, so you won’t see many changes, only less buggy game.

  • Autosave feature improved. Now you always can continue your unfinished game.
  • FPS optimized
  • Random game mode: strong AI fixed
  • Quick game:  ‘lower difficulty’ dialog window added
  • Quick game: AI fixed (‘Zorro’ lvl)
  • Menu: click sound changed
  • Intro for newbies
  • Minor bugs fixed |

Any reports of bugs or tech problems would be much appreciated. Our e-mail: Thanks!

Pobs at

March 10, 2010

Pobs v1.2 has been released in market at price $2,00. The game has no built-in ads and will be updated simultaneously with Android Market version.

SlideME is an alternative Android app store with a lot of payment methods. If Android Market is unavailable in your country – you can use SlideME.

Pobs SlideME page:

Pobs has been reviewed by “this game is a lot of fun to play and a solid challenge. It placed in the ADC2 competition and at a list price of $0 it’s a title you can’t afford to ignore.”

Full review read here:

P.S. Alster, thanks for your note about sounds. We’ll think about it.

Version 1.2 has been released to the Market. Changes:

  • + 5 new levels for single player modes.
  • + 5 adapted levels for multiplayer.
  • Full autosave! You don’t need to worry about losing your game when you receive a phone call or click on banner. The game is always saved!
  • Usability improved.
  • Difficulty options added
  • Fixed: Force Close after shifting the game into landscape orientation and then back to portrait
  • Fixed: lags in menu
  • Minor bugs fixed |

Thanks to all users who sent us ideas and reported bugs! If you’ll see any bugs, wrong work of some features or just have suggestions – please mail us: We’d love to hear some feedback.

Pobs has been reviewed by “Pobs Android Game is very fun, challenging and addictive, even more so with the various game play modes and multi-player action against friends.”

Full review read here:

We’re working on Pobs v1.2 (Android). Here is one of the new levels.
This will be an epic battle! 🙂