Pobs Lite is out!

September 26, 2009

lite_icon Finally, Pobs Lite has been released! Lite version includes:
– 2 game modes (of 6 in full)
– 3 levels in Classic game mode (of 15 in full)
– 1 level in Quick Game
– 2/3 difficulty modes

iTunes Link: Pobs Lite
Full Version: Pobs v1.1 (it is now on sale – 66% OFF!)


Pobs v1.1 has been approved!

September 23, 2009

Pobs version 1.1 has been approved by Apple and now in AppStore!

What’s new:
– Graphics improved
– Levels added to ‘2 players’ mode
– Usability improved
– AI improvements

Unfortunately, Lite-version has been rejected becouse it “contains references to game modes and difficulties that are not implemented” (translucent inactive buttons), so we were obliged to edit and re-submit it. It was on 16th of Sept, so in a few days it should appear in AppStore.

onsale Pobs is ON SALE now! The price has dropped to $0.99!

Pobs iTunes Link

Pobs Lite coming soon

September 4, 2009

pobs lite logo Pobs Lite has been submitted to Apple. Waiting approval.
In Lite version you will get:
– 2 game modes
– 3 levels in Classic game mode
– 1 level in Quick Game
– 2/3 difficulty modes

Full version here: iTunes Link